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Acclaim Magazine

  • Solutions:
    Wordpress, Website Development, e-commerce
  • Client:
    Acclaim Magazine
  • Project URL:

Acclaim is a cool street lifestyle magazine. They have cool articles, cool music and cool art. The one thing that wasn’t cool was their website.

It wasn’t working for them for a number of reasons – their old CMS was hard to use (they have a great nickname for it though), their layout was messy and above all else, it was extremely slow.

Enter twenty4. We took Acclaim’s slick new design and put it over WordPress. We then began customising the back end to make the publishing process as pain-free and fast as possible. Boasting almost 40 templates to choose from, Acclaim now have a massive degree of customisation over how each piece of content is displayed on their website.

One major concern Acclaim had was when it came to other contributors publishing content on their site. They wanted to make sure the content being posted fit within their culture, was interesting and most of all, didn’t contain just a bunch of swears.
To achieve this twenty4 introduced custom user levels, which allows Acclaim to preview any content before it’s published by outside contributors. These custom user levels also restrict access to certain areas of the back-end, which means that casual contributors won’t be able to mess anything up.

The site also features an e-commerce section,  providing potential customers the choice of purchasing Acclaim magazine in the standard paper format or a digital format that the customer can then download to their favourite e-book device. The e-commerce section is integrated right into the back end of WordPress, allowing Acclaim to fulfill orders with the same ease and speed as when they publish their content.

Using twenty4′s premium hosting solution, Acclaim magazine’s new website is geared to perform under high traffic loads both in Australia and around the world.

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