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We are twenty4, a Melbourne and Sydney based agency leading clients through the age of all things digital. Our strategies and processes give our clients distinct advantages.

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Recent Blogs

Buying things, or Why do I have a website?

Websites exist to sell you something. Even websites that are providing information are ultimately trying to sell you something, maybe not now but they are prepping you for later. The biggest driver is "Status". People want to look cool, they want their friends, family and total strangers to think that they know what's going on. More people are buying for status than any other reason.

Why you’re losing customers at the checkout

We’ve all done it. We’ve searched, we’ve clicked, we’ve carted, and we’ve left. Maybe we can’t be bothered entering our details, perhaps we don’t have enough money, or we’re dealing with a checkout that is a digital maze. It’s the same for your customers. And perhaps, contrary to popular Hollywood belief, it’s you. Not them. Here’s why.

The Oculus Rift

What you see through the goggles depends on the application but these can range from most amusement park rides to gaming. You could be snowboarding a pro course in the French Alps or flying over downtown San Francisco, you could be on the moon - the Oculus Rift has the potential to take you anywhere and everywhere.

What the Beacon?

If you have the right app installed on your phone, your device and this little GPS creature can talk to each other – sharing information about your activity. It can also pinpoint your location down to a few feet. Creepy. When you walk past the Beacon, relevant information can be shared to and from your phone via that app.

We're Hiring!

Web Developer
PHP | HTML & CSS | WordPress
Melbourne Studio

This role is for a junior or established Web Developer with a keen knowledge of WordPress and PHP. The role is for both backend and frontend coding, so an eye for design is a must. Read full position here. The ideal candidate will love Git and read Smashing like it’s the Bible. Must also like two (or more) of the following; Beer, Coffee, Cycling, Dogs.

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Digital Producer / Project Manager
Multi-tasker | Project Management | Digi-head
Melbourne Studio

Clowning around is one thing, but juggling at the same time – that’s skill! This role is for someone who can take responsibility for the whole lifecycle of digital projects and value add to our existing processes. Read the full position here. If you’re in the know of what’s going on in digi-land and have a proven track record of getting things done on time and within budget.

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Please no agency enquiries.

Who are twenty4?
We are passionate about all things digital and take great pride in the work we do.

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